Company's Business

Overview of Business Operations & Key Developments

QTC Energy Public Co., Ltd., conducts the businesses of manufacturing and distributing custom made transformers to domestic and foreign customers under the “QTC” trademark and customer trademarks. At present, the company’s transformer projects can be categorized as follows:

  1. Distribution Transformers: 30-5000 KVA
    1. Hermetically Sealed Oil Type Distribution Transformers.
    2. Open Type Transformers with Conservators.
  2. Power Transformers: 5000-30000 KVA
  3. Special Transformer is designed and manufactured acccording to useage and features to customers such as Earthing Transformer,Dry-Type ClassF&H, Unit Substation, Pad mounted.

Furthermore, the company also provides various types of services for customers, such as scheduled checks and maintenance, transformer repairs and maintenance, transformer oil fill services, transformer rental services, etc., in order to support customer needs and facilitate both customers who have purchased QTC transformers and other customers in general.

The company has two subsidiaries and one associated company include 1. Company QTC Panco Co., Ltd. (subsidiaries Company) produces and distributes transformer to Laos. Establishment on 19 March 2015 registered 20 million by the company holds 85% and Thipsiri Construction hold 15% of total shares 2. QTC Global Power Co., Ltd. (subsidiaries Company) produces electricity and other energy, the establishment on 28 September 2016 capital 140 million. And the company PPWE (associated company) produces energy, the establishment on 12 January 2016 capital 1 million.

Policy and Business Performance Goals

The Company’s objective is to become a world class manufacturer of electrical transformers. Therefore, we focus on developing the quality and standard for the electrical transformers of the company in order to build confidence and achieve the greatest effectiveness and acceptance by customers domestically and abroad. Furthermore, we aim to preserve our existing customer base and expand new customer bases, particularly in countries in the ASEAN Economic Community. Due to the Company’s evaluation of the competitive conditions that is rising after the coming together of the AEC in early 2016, the Company adjusted production processes to become more effective beginning in since 2012-2015. Hence, the Company has strong competitive potential. Moreover, the Company realizes the value of human resources and has thus invested in its personnel with particular emphasis on human capital development, which can improve personnel in line with the strategies and tactics of the organization in order to compete in the new economic age of the next five years. In addition, supply chain management has to be improved. In 2015, movements of raw materials between AEC countries have been exempted from customs taxes, leaving 0 percent taxes. Accordingly, each nation has policies to reduce logistic costs. Therefore, the Company has to prepare for movements of gods between AEC nations in a convenient, fast and tax-free manner to improve further improve competitive capabilities in another channel. Additionally, the Company gives importance to improving the quality and effective of its services along with various other improvements under the Total Quality Management (TQM) in order to create the greatest satisfaction in customers. This is to become another channel for marketing and increased opportunities for electrical transformer sales of the company in the future.

In regards to organizational management to achieve the abovementioned objectives, the Company adheres to the management principles under the process of quality of details and good governance and conducts business based on business ethics in order to achieve sustainable growth.